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Иногда жизнь идет не так, как ты планируешь. И несчастье может стоять за ближайшим углом. У меня брать с женой ждали долго ребёнка. То не могли сперва зачать, а когда смогли, то ребёнок родился, увы с ДЦП. Но ребёнок свой, долгожданный и его необходимо растить, воспитывать, лечить по мере возможности и помогать ему жить в этом мире. К сожалению, на больных детей с данным диагнозом уходит у них очень много денег. А мы стараемя помогать как можем. Всё-таки родная кровь. Вот приобретали вертикализатор для ребёнка с ДЦП, чтоб малыш мог более-менее самостоятельно стоять и передвигаться. Ну и помогает финансов с лечением. Надеемся, что малыш сможет сам пойти когда-нибудь.

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Should I go to Turkey for a hair transplant? How can I get a good price and good quality at the same time? How can I choose the best hair transplant clinic amongst thousands of companies that are advertising online? These are a few of the questions thousands of men ask themselves everyday when considering hair restoration surgery. To be able to answer those questions one needs to understand the dynamics of the market in each country. Lets look at common characteristics of markets in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Europe:

Surgical labour is very expensive in these countries. Cosmetic surgery including hair restoration surgery is either for the wealthy or requires a significant amount of savings being spent.
Due to labour being very expensive, there is lack of competition in the industry, which further increases the costs.
Due to high costs only a limited number of people are able to buy these services which limits improving surgical skills and acquiring experience by surgical staff members.

Lets look at the advantages of having a hair transplant market in Turkey:

Labour is significantly cheaper than in other countries. In addition, the Turkish currency is getting cheaper which means almost everyone coming from abroad can afford a Hair Transplant in Turkey.
There is huge competition in the market which means there are many options to choose from. Only companies that are very successful in their marketing stand a chance of being found and eventually being chosen.
Due to lower costs and high competition, surgical teams are able to perform many surgeries which also enables to acquire better surgical skills and gain experience.

Now lets look at the difficulties one may face when choosing a hair transplant clinic in Turkey:

The very cheap prices should raise concerns about quality. One should not just jump on to the cheapest offer that is available. Spending some time on how to filter good clinics is necessary.
The huge number of options available makes it difficult to find and choose a good hair transplant clinic in Turkey.
The extreme competition in the Turkish hair transplant market makes it possible for only companies that have a very strong marketing team and huge marketing budget to be visible online and being chosen. These companies are frequently not amongst the best clinics. The best clinics only have a limited number of customers per month and a modest marketing budget, therefore, superficial research will not be sufficient to find those good clinics.

What are ways to identify good hair transplant clinics in Turkey and distinguish them from large companies that have very successful marketing but have a low quality service?

Hair transplant surgery is an individual performance of the doctor and the surgical team. Companies that advertise via a brand and no doctors name mentioned, or with a doctors name that has no qualifications, no surgical experience, no accreditations, no involvement in the surgical procedures or the training of the surgical team are usually low quality.
Companies with a reputable doctor at the front, doctor who surgical background, accreditations by internationally accepted bodies such as Fellow Of The International Society Of Hair Restoration Surgery (FISHRS), American Board Of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) are better quality.
Average price range doesn’t mean average quality in a market with such high competition. Paying a bit more for quality will most of the time not hurt ones budget significantly while being a very good investment for a surgical procedure which has permanent results on ones health and physical appearance.

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